responsible jewelry council

We understand the importance
of social responsibility

At TisMo, we take responsibility not only for our present actions but also for the lasting impact we leave behind.

The Responsible Jewellery Council is an esteemed international non-profit organisation with over 1,000 member companies. The RJC and its members are dedicated to promoting ethical, human rights, social, and environmental practices with transparency and accountability throughout the jewellery industry, from mining to retail. This commitment aims to strengthen consumer and stakeholder confidence in diamond, gold, and platinum jewellery. The RJC has developed the RJC Membership Certification Scheme, which encompasses all member companies participating in the diamond, gold, and platinum jewellery supply chain. Accredited external auditors assess all RJC Certified Members to verify compliance with the RJC Code of Conduct. Additionally, a voluntary chain of custody standard has been established for gold and platinum group metals. The RJC is a full member of the ISEAL Alliance, a global association for sustainable development standards. For more information about RJC members, certifications, and standards, please visit

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